Finding Your Lost Fitbit

magnifying_glass_eye-female-neutralUnfortunately, I misplace things all the time – particularly because I am always trying to do twenty things at once. I have misplaced my FitBit One more times than I can count. As a result, my husband and I have developed a few tricks for locating your lost dongle.

First, see if your FitBit syncs with your phone. If it is synched, your Fitbit is close by (I think within 15-20 feet). Start by looking in this immediate area. I also find it helpful to walk around the house and see in which rooms/areas my phone will show synched and where it does not show synched. Process of elimination!

Now you have a narrowed down area to search – hopefully. Now you can setup a silent alarm to make your FitBit buzz. It is pretty faint, but if you are searching in a concentrated area, chances are you will hear it buzz. To setup an alarm on the phone app, go to Account > Click on  your FitBit (mine is a One) > Silent Alarms. Create a new alarm to go off in the next minute. Wait for that minute and then start listening for the buzz.

Mine always seems to be lost in a pile of dirty clothes or on the floor of my closet.

If these tips don’t work, you could always try a bluetooth tracking app: For iOS you can try LightBlue – Bluetooth Low Energy ( For Android you can try Bluetooth Finder (

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