The Butterfly Garden in Montreal

Canada truly is like visiting a closer, mini Europe. Different signs on the road, different language (most people still speak English, thankfully), cool old buildings, etc. Well, Montreal and Ottawa are the closest cities to Clarkson University, where I went to college, in Potsdam NY.

One of the most impressive things to see in Montreal is the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens. For a couple of hours you can pretend you are in the rain forest, the arctic, or under the ocean. My favorite part though, is the butterfly garden and the greenhouses that lead up to it.

The butterfly garden is greenhouse style atrium that you can walk through. There are hundreds of butterflies that gracefully and playfully weave in and out of people as they walk by.

The butterfly garden is also covered in huge, beautiful hydrangeas.

Here are some of the flowers and plants in the greenhouses leading up to the butterflies.

That’s all for now…

~More later 🙂

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