DIY Bridesmaid Gift Bags

My contribution to my sister-in-law’s bachelorette weekend was cute tote bags to hold all of the goodies the other ladies brought. I wanted something simple and classy. My sister-in-law was using a lot of gold, blush, and neutrals in her wedding decor, so I stuck with that palette.

The Bag

I searched far and wide for a reasonably priced, yet nice looking canvas tote. I eventually found a decent option at Hobby Lobby, but had to visit several of them to find enough bags for all the bridesmaids and the bride. In doing research for this article, I came across this option on Amazon: Augbunny 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag. Truth be told, I wish I had found this when I was making these bags because there are several color options and I wouldn’t have had to run all over Phoenix.

I played around for a while with different ideas for bag design. I thought about putting each bridesmaid’s full name, but ultimately decided on a monogram for a cleaner look. Also, some of the bridesmaid’s names were much longer than others, so they wouldn’t look as balanced all together.

I decided to proceed with monograms using the Storyteller Serif font. You can purchase it here from Creative Market if you want the exact same look. Otherwise, there is a vast array of free font options. Check out my Pinterest board for some great free font suggestions.

I created each monogram in Adobe Illustrator, saved them as paths, and then exported the file as an SVG to work with my KNK Zing.

I used a gold heat transfer vinyl (consider this one: Siser Easyweed Gold Iron on Vinyl Roll for easy removal of unwanted parts of the design) and ironed it onto the bags. I ironed all the wrinkles out of each bag first to make sure I had a flat surface to work on. Make sure you keep moving the iron around the entire design, without staying in the same spot too long – that can cause wrinkles in the vinyl.

The Bow

I found pink and gold polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby. I would search JoAnn Fabric and Michael’s for other options, too. This ribbon below would also look great:

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