Fujimax Instax Photo Wedding Guestbook

I used to wonder, ‘what is the point of a guestbook at weddings? Do people even go back and read them?’ Well, I didn’t want mine to end up sad, lost, and forgotten in a storage box somewhere. Enter the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1. Read on for a list of materials used for our guestbook, some photos, and some tips and things I wish I had known.


This guestbook turned out to be one of my favorite wedding keepsakes and had our guests commenting on how fun and creative it was.

Materials Needed

First off, here is the list of components for this guestbook:

This wedding guestbook requires a bit of planning and effort to setup, but I promise, it is worth it!

Planning is mostly finding simple ways to give your guests instructions

We provided instructions in two places:

  1. A little note at the bottom of our wedding program fans. This note instructs guests to download the Instax share app during their downtime waiting for the ceremony to begin
  2. Instructions sign on the table with the guestbook. This sign provides a step-by-step list of how to print a photo.

The instructions on that sign are as follows:

  1. Download the “Instax Share” App
  2. Take a photo of yourself (& Others) with your phone
  3. Connect your phone to the “Instax” wiFi
  4. Open the App, choose your photo
  5. Print and Glue the photo in the book and sign

Things I wish I had Known

The guestbook ultimately worked out beautifully. However, there are a few things I wish I had done to make the process go more smoothly. I wish I had:

  • “Trained” a few of the wedding party members or family members in how to use and troubleshoot the printer. In particular, people did not immediately know how to change the batteries or the film.
  • Include a note somewhere to make sure the printer is turned on!!
  • Drawn more attention to it, to be sure everyone knew to sign the guestbook.

For some more inspiration, head over to the Wedding Party App Blog.

[PHOTO CREDITS: Pinkerton Photography]

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