If You’re in a Hurry, Don’t Drive with a Photographer

The drive from my house to college was about 300 miles through the Adirondack Mountains. For a semester I gave rides home on breaks to Kevin, a guy who lived in the town next to me. Poor unfortunate soul. There was one trip that took us an extra hour to get to school because I kept stopping on the side of the road to take pictures. If you’ve ever driven up the Adirondack Northway (I87n) and into the Adirondacks, you know it’s breathtaking. I felt my foot pressing the brake to pull over on its own several times. Here are some of the results:

I was so lucky to be driving by this exact spot while this lone man in a canoe was paddling around. Poor Kevin wasn’t lucky because he just wanted to get to school. He was a good sport though.

That’s all for now…

~More later

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