Making the Forest into Fairyland

This morning I woke up to a backyard full of fog, dampness and random rays of sunshine. The morning/sunrise and the evening/sunset make for the most interesting light, so, forgetting my other obligations for the morning (finishing a report, going to the bank…etc), I grabbed my camera and ran outside.

I find that using a macro lens in the forest makes everything look like there should be Fae or little gnomes running around, sitting on mushrooms or laying on ferns. Something about the light this morning also enhanced this feeling for me. What do you think?

I love when the background is so out of focus that it is just soft colors that blend together…

Maybe this is someone’s home?

No matter how many photos of water drops I take, they never come out crisp. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my tripod was gently balancing on layers and layers of wet leaves = not so sturdy. Someday I will get the perfect water splash…but that day is not today…

That’s all for now!

~more later…

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